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Note! Booking in advance!

Welcome to Folkmusikhuset,
THE place for folk music and dancing in Stockholm

Folkmusikhuset is reopening for jamming for musicians and singers from 5 september.


A maximum of 50 people will be allowed in. Book your place on the booking page (Bookings open Wednesday at 5 pm)

There will be no refreshments available so if you want something to eat or drink you will need to bring your own.

We will follow the government's restrictions and recommendations during the pandemi and hope to be able to open up more of our activities later on in the autumn.

Don't forget the live concert on Friday 17. September with Anna Ekborg. This will be livestreamed but some places will be available for an audience but again the café will not be open.

Låtstuga, vissstuga and concerts are available on our YouTube-chennel.

Look after yourselves and stay healthy!

All events takes place at Skeppsholmens Folkhögskola (known coloquially as "Sheppis"), Slupskjulsvägen 12, 111 49 STOCKHOLM

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Latest update: August 26th 2020
Arne Kjellman
Note! Booking in advance!

Latest news:

Sundays in September "Sneak Start" with booking in advance
(A maximum of 50 people!)

Låtstuga/visstuga: YouTube (Playlists)

Sundays May - September(?) "Buskspel" (jam) in Vitabergsparken

September 17. - 24. Concert: Anna Ekborg .

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