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Welcome to Folkmusikhuset,
THE place for folk music and dancing in Stockholm

Folkmusikhuset is now open!


Yes! At last the moment we've all been waiting for. Restrictions have been lifted and Folkmusikhuset can open again and Sundays can go back to more or less normal.

You no longer need to book, just come as you always have done. Hopefully you are fully vaccinated.
For those who are not vaccinated, the restrictions still apply and we ask you to keep your distance

We are starting gradually so not all of our activities will be available.

We are starting with things such as playing and dancing. Some refreshments will be available and we hope to gradually rebuild the café system. Eventually we will be back to normal

We will continue to keep an eye on developments in the post-pandemic era and are prepared to make any changes that may be required.

All events takes place at Skeppsholmens Folkhögskola (known coloquially as "Sheppis"), Slupskjulsvägen 12, 111 49 STOCKHOLM

Program of the evening

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Sunday October 31.
(more to come ...)
16.30 Låtstuga for Nyckelharpa
16.30 Balfolk Dance with Småfranska
18 Dance instruction: Tango with Björn (Finnish/European)
18 Balfolk music session: French, English etc folk music
18 Låtstuga: Kerstin Ivares
19 "Singalong" (Visstuga): Theme Skämtvisor with Cecilia
19 Dance to various groups of folk musicians

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Contact Folkmusikhuset!
Latest update: June 7th 2011
Arne Kjellman

Information: 0769‑12 90 11

Please note No nuts are allowed in the building as some people are extremely allergic to them.

Latest news:

Sundays from October Open for playing and dancing!

Låtstuga/visstuga: YouTube (Playlists)

Friday November 19. Concert and dance with
Mats Berglund Trio.

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